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In this blog, we are going to take a look at Major League Baseball. I have not done a non beer blog so I thought I would mix it up with some sports.  With all the bad things that has happen under Bud’s watch since he took over the commisnor role in MLB, he might have done something correct this year.  I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan so my baseball season was over before it started in 2012.  With the added Wild Card in both leagues, it added to drama for the last part of the season and it did suck me back into baseball world to watch the races. Most races came down to the last day of the seasona.  There were some great story lines.

Wild Card

The one day playoff games came from something that happened was the last three years where there was a 163rd game just to make it into the playoffs.  It just seems like every year St Louis Cardinals find there way into the playoffs playing in a really bad Division with two teams that are in the bottom five in the league.  During the National League Wild Card Game, there was a really bad call that caused Braves a chances to move on and a Legendary Career from Chipper Jones.  Was that really the case?  Braves infiled was one of the best in the league found a way to commit three errors during this game.  Go figure!  O course, one came from Chipper. Well at least he can end his career with a hit. These two games were not as excited as the nature 163rd did in the past but nice try Bud.


I believe this became the best situation that worked for Bud this time around.  All the match ups went to Game 5’s with the home team getting home field advantage.  Is this Wild Card Playoff working?  It kind makes it important to win the Divistion.  I would have to say yes it is working. Why don’t you ask the Oakland A’s that question?  The Tigers shut them down.  There stud ace and one of the best pitchers in the league came into their house had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He pitched a complete four hitter. At least Washington is showing they can take control of their Home field with a walk off home run yesterday to send it to Game 5.  O’s are pushing the Yanks to Game 5 in New York.  The home teams hold their fate tonight at home.  We will see.

So far the Tigers and Giants could care they are moving on deeper into the playoffs. I believe the rest of the teams have that same thought pattern as long as they get to the next round to have a shot to play in the World Series. The really question is this. Is Bud a genius with his boys or did he really just get lucky on a wild pitch to the back stop to score a game winning run just to make the playoffs with everything that happen the last twenty years. Think about that one.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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