New Blog Linkin Park Living Things (2012)

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the new record from Linkin Park called Living Things.  Linkin Park was founded in 1996 in Agoura Hills, California.  Linkin Park has sold over 50 million records world-wide and has won two Grammy Awards.  In the beginning they took the style of nu metal and rap metal and made their style.  By their third record, which is Minutes To Midnight in 2007, they began to study other music influences.  That record had the third best debut for any new music that was release that same year.  Living Things is their fifth record in their studio career.

What am I expecting from this record?  I am looking for them to go back to their old school ways to get their first fan base happy but keep on the pace from their Minutes To Midnight.  I believe they will try to build on that and their fourth record, which is A Thousand Suns.  How much I do not want to see but I am expecting to see little more of the rap feel on this record.  I believe Chester will be screaming more on this record than what he has not in the last few records.  Linkin Park found their sound and I believe they will build on it in Living Things.

Here is the band members of Linkin Park on Living Things:

Rob Bourdon – Drum

Brad Delson – Lead Guitar

Dave Farrell – Bass Guitar

Joe Haln – Turntables, keyboards, and Samples

Mike Shinoda – Vocals, Rhthm Guitar, Keyboards, Piano

Chester Bennington – Vocals

Lost In The Echo

Lost In The Echo starts out with keyboard and turntables work.  It has a nice drum beat with rapping over the top and nice back up vocals.  It has a nice smooth flow to the song.  Chester comes in with a nice singing lines.  This song has a nice flow to it.  This song has some nice turntables work on it.  Nice beat for the opening song, this set the mood of the record.  It is a very well written record.  This is great opening track for Living Things.

In My Remains

In My Remains starts out with a nice turntables and samples with some keyboard.  Drums roar with the bass to give it a nice intro to the song.  I love the music that  Chester is singing over and then guitar comes in few seconds after the intro.  Mike does a great job on the back up vocals.  I love the feeling of this song and very well written lyrics to it.  I love the drum work in this song.  This is a great song.  I love it!

Burn It Down

Burn It Down was their first single of Living Things.  It starts out with a nice keyboard to samples along with some turntables.  Nice back up guitar riff to balance everything out.  I love the lyrics in this song.  This song has a feel that it should have been off the Minutes To Midnight.  I love the singing by Chester and the back up singing.  Mike rapping makes sense for this part of the song.  It is not forced like most of the time.  However, the later part of their career, they have learned to place his rapping in the best part of the song.  It is more impactful now.  I feel this song could have guitar solo.  I love the ending of Burn It Down.

Lies Greed Misery

Lies Greed Misery has a nice keyboard and now the samples with Mike rapping over it.  I will say dude can rap his ass off in these songs.  I am not a rap fan but  he has done a great job on this record.  I love the rhythm of the rap.  I love the singing from Chester.  It is right fit for the theme of the song.  There is the scream that made Chester famous.  Nice ending to this song.

I’ll Be Gone

I’ll Be Gone has a nice build up intro to the song and then the kick in on the guitars.  It drops off with Chester singing with a nice samples and keyboard behind him.  It has a nice drum beat with bass pushing the song to another level.  This is a thinking man’s song.  I really love the flow of this song.  I have to say this song is one of the best ones off this record so far.  I would not be shocked if this is their next single off Living Things.

Castle Of Glass

I love the samples to the keyboard and then the nice singing from Mike.  The drums have a nice simple feel to it that fits the song.  Castle Of Glass has a nice driving feeling to it.  I really digging the singing from Mike.  I like the lyrics and the guitar work.  I really wish they would play this song live.  This is a really good song.


Victimized has a nice samples and a crazy drum beat.  Drummer is very underrated to all the drummers that are playing music right now in their generation.  Rob has played his ass off in this whole record.  I love how Chester is screaming which fits it and Mike has a nice rap to follow.  This is a pretty angry song.  Victimized is a quick and to the point song.

Road Untraveled

Road Untraveled has a nice sound effects follow by keyboards.  This band is always looking to do something different which is good but it is starting predictable.  Mike has written great lyrics and singing his heart out on Road Untraveled.  I love the feeling from the drums and the flow of everything else.  I feel this song could use a guitar solo not a guitar playing low-end.  Another thinking song to add to my list.  There is not too many you can say that about Linkin Park.  This is a great song.

Skin To Bone

Skin To Bone has a nice intro.  I love the drums at the beginning.  Nice work from Joe on this song.  He has taken over this song so far which is an awesome thing.  I love how they use Chester in this song.  This is not one of my favorite songs but I love the feel of it.  Plus, it is nicely written song.

Until It Breaks

Until It Breaks starts with a nice rap from Mike.  Once again, they are placing him very well for the non rap fans in the world.  He is more and more making me start to like rap.  I love the music behind him.  I really love the rap lyrics from Mike.  He did a great job on this song.  Just like Mike, they learned to place Chester in great spots.  This is a great song.  I really love it.


Tinfoil has a classic Linkin Park intro that we all have grown to love from this band.  This song is a nice intro to Powerless.


Powerless has a nice keyboard along with some good lyrics being sung over the music.  Powerless has a nice simple bass and guitar lines with a very good drum beat.  It also has a well placed back up vocals.  This is a very well written song.  This band has pour their heart out on this song.  It is powerful and impactful with a nice drive.  It is a nice finish to this record.

Here is their websites and twitter addresses:

Website: and

Twitter:  @linkinpark

In closing, Linkin Park has grown on me over the years.  I remember when they roared on the scene and pushing the limits of music.  They have change the scene of music and influenced several newer bands.  I have enjoyed their last three records and not really a fan of the first two.  I never was a rap fan but they have grown on me.  This record is not their best but it is right behind Minutes To Midnight to me.  They do a great job on their live show and I was kind impressed by it.  This is going to be a pretty strong statement but I believe Linkin Park is today’s Pink Floyd.  They know when to explore their sound and change some things.  They are a very talented band and they will be around for a long time.  I just hope their Burn It Down song is not their good-bye song.  I will be looking forward to seeing them live again and I will be joining their fan club.  Go get some Living Things!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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