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In this blog, we are going to talk more in the music side of things. This is a different pace of music for me. When I was a DJ on STFU.FM, I use to cover the world of hard rock and metal. Just like most metal heads, we would only listen to that style of music. Before I started the Metal Warzone, I would listen to everything from Bosstones to The Doors. With all that said, if it was not for that show, I would not had a twitter account to have this band, who is Couger Ace, following me. I would not had the chance to write this blog or listen to their music. It is nice to follow them and have a chance to write this review on their music.

The first song we are going to listen to is called “Descent Into Hell Is Easy.”  For being a Rock Song, it has a drive to it.  Their sound is something out of the 1960s or 1970s.  The singer has singing rhythm of Jim Morrison from The Doors.  The recording has that nice raw sound to it.  I feel they are trying something different outside of their comfort zone but it works for them.

The second song is called “All My Fault.”  This song I can hear playing in some bars in the later part of the night.  To me, it is a perfect drinking song at the bar or sitting at home with friends.  I love the drums and the guitar. It is just right for this song.  The singing has a nice flow for it.  The length of the song is perfect because the lyrics get straight to the point.

The third song is called “I Wanna Holler.”  This song sounds like something out of The Doors collection of music without the organ player.  The singer in this song sounds like Jim Morrison between his singing and a little bit of the song writing style.  This song will take you on a journey for two minutes in the mind of these talented song writers.  Just like the first song, which is “Descent Into Hell Is Easy,” this song has that same drive and passion.

The fourth song we will be reviewing is called “FJ=BM.”  This song comes across as a folk rock song.  The singing has a little country theme to it.  I love how the drums bring out more of the guitar and vocals with a nice rhythm.  There is one point where the guitar stops and so I can so see the singer just getting in someone’s face.  This is a very fun song to listen to at night with a nice beer and cigar.  I love the pick up and slowing down towards the end and then in your face from the vocals again in this song.  I love how it ends the song with a great drum beat.

The fifth and finally song we will be reviewing in this blog is called “Just Like You.”  The singing sounds like something from a Johnny Cash record with a dirty guitar.  Then a nice slamming drums comes into the room.  I love how the drums echo guitar playing and the other way around.  I am starting to think this music from this band will be part of my relaxing time of day around my place.  This is a very well written song with a nice finish.

Here is a few ways to listen to their music and get information on them:




In closing,  this is a very talented band and I hope they reach the success that they set out when forming this band.  Nice range of different kind of songs.  I love how a band does something different in every song.  It gives us listeners something to look forward to the next song.  Plus, a range of emotion is always a good thing for a healthly band and fan base.  To me, this band is the modern-day version of The Doors and Johnny Cash.  I will say more modern-day version of Cash, which is a very good thing.  I am not saying they are going to replace a legend.   They are clearly influenced by him.  I really enjoy their music and I cannot wait to hear what they are up to next.  Enjoy it!  Drink It! Metal (Rock) it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser


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