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In this blog, we are going to talk about hard rock and metal music.  This band we are going talk about is called Confidence.  This band is getting ready to release their EP called Prelude.  Thanks to Metal Revelation for sending out this email with a ton of information on this band.  They have a very nice descripation and history on the band from the email that will be feature below.

Here is a little history that came from the email that Metal Revelation:

CONFIDENCE was born from the remnants of ideas, songs and bands which never really got to spread their wings. When they started things off in a studio somewhere in Sweden, they didn’t know what would come out of it, but they had a vision of making something passionate, true and beautiful.
They had all seen the decay or the Rock and Metal scene, the repetition of well-tried concepts and song-writing. Endless repetition, one album after another with a plastic soul-less sound and the somewhat peculiar idea that if you sound exactly like the bands that actually made it, there would be a golden record deal and fame in return.
With this in mind, they started to create their music and sound, trying to capture the emotion and feelings of each concept that came to them. Lyrics and vocals were written with the sole intention to enhance the concept and emotion of the songs, and music was written to enhance the vocals and lyrics. When recording, takes were selected because they said something, not because they were perfectly performed.
It took them almost 3 years, members came and members left, but now they finally are ready for the world.
Let us talk about the music, this is why the band is here.  The first song we are going to talk about is “Never Meant To Be.”  I love how this band is doing something a little different.  It is nice to hear keyboard starting out a song and then keeps a focus for about quarter into the song before you hear any guitar.  I know I am going to get beat up for saying this but it is nice to hear the guitar being secondary then not the focus has it is in every hard rock and metal songs out there.  I love how the drums and bass comes in with a soft thunder that bends into the softness of the vocals.  The vocals and part of the song writing reminds me of a Seattle band  called Nevermore.  Lead singer has a Bach to Dokken sound to him.  He is a very good singer and knows when to push his voice in all the right ways.  Guitar work is something out of 1980s to 1990s metal bands.  This is a very nice mix on this song and the guitar solo  is just right for this song.  This song is not over powering like most metal music.
This next song is “War Torn Skies.”  I was only able to find a sample off their website, which is  I love the drums and bass action in this song.  Guitar and vocals are in your face in a very good way for what this song means to the band.  The more I listen to Confidence they are sounding like 1990’s Nevermind and throwback 1980’s Skid Row.  It is very nice to hear a young band take up the devil horns and pour their soul into their songs like “War Torn Skies.”
The next song just like “Poison Lies” I was only able to find a sample off their website, which is, is called “Poison Lies.”  This songs almost like something off Skid Row’s first record.  I hate comparing this band to any band.  I can kind of hear some Sonata Arctica with the keyboards in the background and the slamming guitar riffs.  This lead singer can sing in whatever the song is being threw at him. All their songs are metal because I say it sounds like this. You cannot live on that. You will need to listen to their music and form your own thoughts.
The last song we are going to take a listen to is “Flesh And Skin.”  A very nice guitar riff that carries through out this song with a very talented drum and bass lines to bring out the feeling of the song.  There is very few back up singing in this band but when it is there it is just right and very impactful.  This is a very nice driving song with a little control on the speed limits.  This is a very well written song all the way around.
Here is a little information on the band itself:
Band Members:
Lead vocals: Emil Kyrk
Bass guitar: David Lecander
Guitar: Per-Owe “Ewo” Solvelius
Keyboards: Clas Sjöstrand
Drums: Janne Jaloma
Twitter: @ConfidenceSWE

In closing, I really enjoyed all the songs. I will be picking up a copy for myself to add to my collection of music. If you enjoy hard rock and metal, you need to check this band. This band brings a ton of rock from the past and put a modern twist to genre. This band gives a music lover myself breath of fresh air. I love metal and I do not want to hear the same thing being pumped out from one or multiple bands. I believe every record company and band management learn their lesson in the 1980s and 1990s. To finally close this out, this band is writing music for themselves, fans, and metal music with soul and passion that will blow you away and make you think of what is going on in the world. I cannot wait to see what the future for this talented band. Enjoy it! Drink it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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