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New Video Game Blog Arena War Part 1 Dead? #gtaonline

In this blog, we are going to debate if the Arena War is dead. Let us drive into this subject. I will explain my status and give a nice tip at the end.

I have been grinding this arena hard the last two weeks. I will agree with everyone that you do not see too many invites while you are in a lobby. If you try to join in from the board that is in your office, there will be no one waiting for a match to begin about 90% of the time. I am betting that is one reason why players are saying the Arena is dead. I do agree that the payout, RP, and AP is not that great. The modes are fun and every player has said this about the arena.

It depends on what Arena War modes you are getting into. There are modes that are more popular than others. The tip that I will give you is pretty simple. I found it by accident. It does work about 90% of the time. Go to your office in the arena. Once you are then open up the board. Asides, hitting the button to enter the arena. Hit the button to go “On Call.” This will put you in a lobby with other active players. The most time that I waited was two minutes.

In closing, the arena is not dead. Has it slowed down since launch? Yes that is correct. This is not best money making way in the game. I know this is another reason why players are saying it is dead. Most of the stunt and regular races are not as active since they lanch. I am not saying that Arena War gets used as much as a bunker. Players are still in the Arena. Stop saying it. I hope to see you in the arena. Until next time play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

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New Video Game Blog GTA Online Arena War Part 2 #gtaonline

In this blog, we are going to get into the next DLC. This what I think. I do not work for Rockstar or Take Two. I am going to back this with some facts that gives me this theory. I know this is not popular at all to this and what I believe. I am going to put a thought out there that leads why we did not get a DLC in March. Let’s get into this.

The first fact is there is left over cars and Arena Premium races that they never drip feed. This is coming from Twitter account, which is @tex2funz. He even said in one of his tweets that it does not make sense. I totally agree. They know thay GTA fans are not in love with Arena War.

The second fact is look at the theme weeks since Biker week on March 14th. The week of the 21st was Speed Week. It was full of double money on most races. Week of March 28th was RC Races that came out with the Arena War. The week of April we had Motor Wars. I know this is a reach but races and weaponize vehicles. This week we had Benny lowrider discounts. I know you are thinking how does this relate with Arena War Part 2. You have a Benny’s person help update your cars in your Arena Garage.

In closing, this is a pretty quick post. I realize this is a reach. However, the last drip feed items was released yesterday on #RDR2ONLINE, I believe we will hear something here soon for GTAONLINE. I really felt that Arena War was missing a few modes. I feel the delay of this DLC could mean Rockstar is working on fixing the payout and RP. I know they never have done this before. This could be a hope and a dream. I know one thing GTAOnline will get the next DLC. RDR2Online will have DLC release in late spring. It does line up perfectly. Once all the drip feed items are done. The other game will get their next DLC. I know this will be unpopular for both camps. Until next play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

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New Video Game Red Dead Online Money Guide #RDR2Online

In this blog, we are going to get into my first money guide on RDR Online. Let us get into. Time is money.

This will take place in the New Austin area of Trumbullweed. You need a fishing rod and/or some kind of shotgun or reaper. The gun is optional which I will get into later. We are going to hit this fishing spot south of Trumbullweed. Please see the map below.

It is a little tricky to get down there. I put you on the path to get down to the spot. Please, just follow the path down. So for the first few times you go there during the day to make sure that you can see the path. You will be fishing bass here. You can hold up to 10 fish. They are worth $2.00 per fish. You are looking at a profit of $20.00. This is the first of two fishing area. Let us move to the next fishing spot. See the map below to get the next spot.

The next spot is by the island. It is pretty easy to get to this one. You will be fishing for trout and it is Steelhead Trout. Get 10 of these fishes and it will get you $25.00 so that is $2.50 per fish. If you have went to both locations and grab 10 of each fish, you have already made $45.00. Becareful here, sometimes it will be someone’s camp site. I found this spot from a cool YouTuber Red Beard The Gamer. Please, check out his channel. The cool thing about the fish being in your bag. If other players start to attack, switch to a new lobby and you keep them. Anything on your horse like pelts etc. You will loss them, when you do switch to another lobby. Make sure when you come back, you pick Freemode. This will be you in the last location where you left last lobby.

There is a few other options you can do before you go to butcher in Trumbullweed. You can to train station and see Hector to run a stranger mission. It depends on the mission but there are a few that will put you in Trumbullweed, which is cool and that is where you are going. The other option is go on a hunt. This is where the repeater and shotgun will come in handle. You are better off using these guns to take down the birds like the raven, connor, and hawks. It is tough to take them down with arrows. There are hogs, rabbits, and a few other animals on the way. If it is night, you might run into a pack of wolves. This is all bonus on top of your current money making method with the fish. You can make between $45.00 to $60.00 plus every 30 minutes. In an hour, just fishing you can make $90.00. If you throw the hunting with it when heading back to the butcher in Trumbullweed, you will make up to or more than $100.00 per hour. That is some good money.

In closing, I have made some money and spend it all. I have made in two hours about $200.00 plus the last two nights. I will be searching out new locations that are rich of money but are safe. Players that are not money grinders will come and attack you. Becareful out and I will find more places like this one. My last word before I close this post up. Please, check out Red Beard The Gamer on YouTube. He was the one that found the trout fishing spot. He is also on Instagram and Facebook. I am not sure about Twitter. If you want to play together on RDR2Online or Gtaonline, please, message me on social media below. Until next time play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

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New Video Game Blog Mic Etiquette Online #ps4 #psn #xbox #RDR2Online # gtaoline

In this video game blog, we are going to get into an issue that every gamer experience while playing online. I know in most games online has some options to mute the player or leave tbe lobby. Let us get into it.

Background Noise

You will hear everything from a dog barking to a kid crying. I get it. Everyone has a life outside of the game. We do not need to hear your favorite song blasting in the background. Even if I like, I do not need to hear. The best is when I was in a GTA lobby and this dude was having sex with his wife or girlfriend. We are all guilty of leaving our mics on and not turn them off. We all did dumb crap and say stupid things. This is respect to all the gamers in the lobby. We are all here to joy these great games.

Eating Food

Come on, we are all human. We need food and I get you want to keep on the money grind. Please mute your mic or take a break. This is a big one for me outside of music playing.

Broken or Messed Up Mic

Do I really need to say anything about this? Please, fix your mic or buy a new one.

In closing, you might agree or disagree with anything that I said in this blog. It is fine. We are allow to have different thoughts. Treat people how you want to be treated. It is simple as that. It is respect and not being rude to someone that is your co player. Please, let me know what you think.


DJ Weiser


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New Blog Red Dead Online Review #rdr2online

In this blog, we are going to break down my thoughts on the online version of Red Dead Online. This Beta has been out for a few months. I had some time to play it by taking a break from my grind in GTA Online. I am still over there and willing to play with my readers if you like.

Game Play

There is not much difference from story and online mode. There are not too much as far as modes. We all know GTA Online how to build up to where it is today. There is a short story mode and stranger missions. Stranger missions are where you will make most of your money. They can be fun and challenging. I really not a fan doing these in public lobbies. It is a pain because many players are bored. They will come and attack you. I love the fact that you can do a mission to help your Honor or Dishonor. Pick your path wisely. There is hunting and fishing that you can do in freemode.

Other Modes

These modes I don’t really didn’t get into yet. I am not a fan of PVP unless I have to. As I am writing this blog they are having double money and RP on the Showdown Series. They are fun if you are into PVP showdowns and racing. There are series of horse racing in the game.

In the end, this is the start of something pretty cool. I am really enjoying the online part of this game. I will say this and I know of the players are complaining of lack of things to do online. If they do it right, this will be as good as GTA Online or better. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts. Please, comment below or reach out to me on Twitter or email. I would love to play with my readers so please reach out. Thanks and play hard!


DJ Weiser

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New Video Game Blog Future of GTA Online

In this blog, we are going to get into something that I saw on the Rockstar new feed this week. This will be a quick post.

Here is what I was talking about.

We’ve updated the Feedback section of the official GTA Online site to better serve as your one stop destination to share important gameplay experience feedback with us. Now with a new, easy-to-use interface and distinct categorizes for all aspects of the GTA Online experience, we hope you’ll continue telling us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see in future GTA Online updates.

In closing, this is pretty interesting. This tells us GTA players online that we are going to get more DLCs in the future. Which is pretty cool. I would throw as much as you can at Rockstar. Tell them what you want and the bugs out there. We know what they are and how many. It is pretty rare when a game maker does this. I know they are doing this in Red Dead. What does this say about Red Dead Online? I know we knew that game was going to be a niche game as far as online game. You can agree to disagree with that statement. We will get into that in another blog. Thanks for coming by and I will see you soon.


DJ Weiser


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New Video Game Blog GTA Online New DLC Thoughts

In this blog, I am going to break down my thoughts and wants in the next DLC. I realize that we just finish up the last car from the Arena War DLC. Let’s get into this.

Mafia Family DLC

This will be close to MCs DLC but you can work in the mansions and casino in it. Mansions can be the new property to run missions out of it. Casino will have missions in it and no gamblin. I know many will be disappoint but it will keep Rockstar clean of online gambling issues. I believe this will be fun DLC. New storyline will help after the Arena War DLC.

Water DLC

This could be a ton of things. I am talking about a Navel DLC. How cool would it be to have Aircraft Carrier in game. I bet views from the water will be cool. They are pretty cool from the yacht. I know this means more weaponize vehicles. I am talking about more jets and boats. I want to see them open the yacht more and do missions from there.

Boiler Room DLC

This is like Mafia DLC. Rockstar will have to figure something with the stock market. The stock market could be like gambling in the casino. It is the online mirco transaction. If they do this right, it could be a really fun DLC.

After Hours Part 2

What do I need to say? It could be a pretty small DLC. Add more DJs to the game and some more missions. This one has been rumor for a bit.

In closing, I believe will get our next DLC in March or early April. I am always looking for new ways to make money and have fun hanging with my crew mates and friends. There was a DLC released in March but it was really small. I believe they will do the same. I want to hear your thoughts.


Bill DJ Weiser

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New Video Game Blog GTA Online Arean War Game Modes Review

In this blog, I am going to break down my thoughts on each of the arena war modes. This is my thoughts and no one else. Take it however you like. There is no wrong answer. I will talk about what is right and wrong and biggest problem of this arena war. Let us get into this review.

Bomb Ball

This series of matches are like Rocket League. It is pretty fun. You can use every car, trucks, and motorcycle. I do not recommend the Deathbike or Isis. It is best to use one of the cars so you can shot at the ball to move it towards the goal. This is a fun mode but when it is four rounds, it is way too long. Two rounds are perfect. The other issue is the players. I do not understand how players do not how to play this mode. It is straightforward. Overall, it is fun and perfect number is first to win two rounds. It helps with the value of the pay out. It is still not fair. If you are rich or have time, this is perfect way to spread your time. Honestly, you can do client jobs or VIP work and it will be worth more of your time.

Tag Team

The players are not issue in this mode. The only way that they are the problem is when they do not tag out right away. They try to be the hero. There are four teams with four garages to tag in and out. Time frame can be vary from match to match. There is a player from each team crashing and shooting at each other. Rest of the team is in VIP suite. There they are shooting machine gun, missles, RC cars, etc. This is one of the best mode asides Wreck It and Game Master. I will get in those here soon. The only problem there is no pay out right now and no one is barely in the arena. When it is double cash and RP, this is really fun and kind of worth your time.

Game Master

This is another straightforward mode. One team is out in the arena gathering these gold coins. The second team is in the VIP box trying to kill them. This one pays good as along as you can get two teams together. No one is playing the Arena War. Pay out is good when double money and a pretty fun game mode.

Wreck It

This is Rockstars version of the classic movie Deathrace. It is a race and you do whatever you need to do to win. Guns to mines are all in play. The more laps you go the more traps are unlocked during the race. Do not think the VIP box is not playing a role. They are available after a player gets knocked out. They can get involve by spaining the arena wheel in the box. They get a free spin when locked out or finish. This is by far my favorite mode. Once again, if not double money, the pay out is not good.

Here Comes The Monsters

Monster trucks versus tiny cars. I feel like they put this in for the kids that should not being playing this game. I do see a lot of players enjoying this mode. It is not my favorite but it is fun. Let us face all these modes are fun.

Buzzer Beat

This is a motorcycle only mode. You ride around with a bike that has a time bomb. You have to collect the gold coins through out the arena to extend your time on your bomb. If you are the last player standing, you win the match. It is fun but not my go to mode in the arena.


You can play this mode in two ways. They are Last Team Standing or Last Man Standing. It is what the title of the mode says. You are out there trying fo destroy everyone or the other team. If you are really good with one vehicle, I recommend you using that one.

My Top List of the Arena War Modes:

  1. Wreck It
  2. Game Master
  3. Buzzer Beater
  4. Carnage
  5. Tag Team
  6. Here Comes the Monster
  7. Bomb Ball

In closing, the game modes in the Arena War DLC are ton of fun. I just feel that Rockstar missed the mark. What I mean is if the pay out was so much better. It could make this a nice money grind for those players and to balance of how expense this DLC. Overall, it is fun and I cannot say that enough. Rockstar knows what they did wrong and I hope they will fit it. Happy gaming everyone!


Bill DJ Weiser


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New Blog GTA Arena War DLC Review

In this video game blog, I am going to break down the new DLC from GTA Online. Rockstar released their first DLC after the release of RDR 2. The views on this review are my thoughts. Let’s get into this review.

The Maze Bank Arena has been closed online since 2013. We finally have a chance to get inside and see what is in there. I love how we have another garage with arena mechanic, weapon specialist, and Benny’s guy. The last two characters have been in the game just in other properties. I also love how they tied in the After Hours radio station in the garage. You will be getting double money and RP until January 14th.

In closing, I love new features and tiers to level up. I love all the new cars and the looks of them. The problem that I have is the pay walls. You have to level up in sponsorship tier to unlock rewards. 0 to level 1000 and it is including cars outside the Arena, weapons on the cars and clothes. Clothes should not have a pay wall. Overall, it is a fun thing to do. I believe this is for the rich player or kids that play GTA Online. In future blogs, I will break down my thoughts on each of the modes and cars. Until next Cheers.

Bill DJ Weiser

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The Return

Hello everyone

I am changing my format on my blog. It has been 2 years since I have posted. I miss everyone and I am glad to be back.

I am back as a video game blogger. I will not do any click bait. If I do, please, let me know and call me out. I will not do any spoilers from any games. If I do, I will let you know in the title. I might do some music blogs. I am willing to hear some ideas. I am done with beer blogs. I will understand if you want to unfollow me.

In closing, I will start after Christmas some time. I am playing MLB The Show, Red Dead, GTA etc. I will see you soon.