Ram Brewery Wheeling IL

I love supporting great brewpub with great food.  I didn’t realize I had one in my backyard.  I am talking about the multiple locations brewpub called The Ram Brewery.  Their beer is a really good for a great value for the price.  This is a perfect place to take people that are new to craft beer world that want to sample new Craft Beers.  The other one I would say in the Chicagoland market would be the #1 craft in Chicago which is Goose Island Brewery.  They have two location in the city but if you are in the burbs of Chicago The Ram has two location in the Northwest.

To get information and see updates and news on this company.

Twitter @theram or @therambrew (wheeling location)

Website is www.theram.com

The Wheeling location has special on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.  They have a sampler plate just like every other brewpub.  Go and drink to support some great craft beers!  Cheers!

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